DIY Stone Fireplace Makeover - OurHouse DIY (2023)


DIY Fireplace Makeover with Ledger Stone Panels - OurHouse DIY

This is a recent project for a homeowner. OurHouse Makeovers and Handyman Services has completed several fireplace remodels since we started earlier this year. We went for a more masculine look using slate stone panels with darker colors and tied it all together using rough cut cedar wood. I built a custom mantel out of the same material. The biggest change was probably the new fireplace doors I installed. They are bronze whereas the old doors were brass.

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All right so for today, I have another fireplace makeover for you.

This one is using the ledger stone panels once again, this is a different color.

This one's called California gold.

The panels that I'm using this time are a little bit more irregular in the face.

They vary anywhere from about 3/4 of an inch thick out to almost 2 inches thick.

So you get a lot of variation in the face of it.

If you look at it from side profile, these panels are also elected six inches tall about 24 inches wide on average.

So each panel represents square foot.

If you look at the other video that I did before with the ledger pounds, the faces are not quite as irregular I.

Think it varies anywhere from about three quarters of an inch out to about an inch and a quarter something like that so it's a lot more uniformly.


When you look at from the profile, I've get these panels from different places, I've been using premier stone here, it's Charlotte, North, Carolina, they're going to pick them up from.

But you can find a lot of these on pans

You can order you're probably going to paying quite a bit afraid of them because it is stone.

And maybe you have to ship these special trucks.

You can discover UPS or FedEx or DHL, or in post office it's got to come on using a flatbed truck.

If you will the expense of happiness, deliver can be, you know, kind of there a little bit if you can find a local manufacturer or a local supplier that actually showrooming going to take a look at some of their panels to pick what you would, uh, which you want to put on your fireplace.

And then you can pick them up from there, locally that's, maybe a lot of freight, but they're still gonna have to factor into the place because a lot of these places that sell the stone will actually keep in stock, because there are a lot of choices out there, and they are so big and bulky and heavy to store I just don't have that size of warehouse.

Anyway, with this.

This fireplace was just great working order is a wood-burning fireplace and a large box large firebox I think was about 42 inches wide about 33 or 32 inches tall.

It was a brick raised hearth that was about 22 inches deep at about 16, plus y, just dated then an old brass set of doors on it.

And brass is all from the 90s, and it was all the rage in.

But now it's not.

So then one of those doors removed, and they wanted to boil rubber on or some antique dark bronze looking for somewhere some of those from things on there.

However, the new doors got move in.

And since this was going to be flush against the wall, and you would be able to see the outside edges of the stone on the left side and the right side I decided to trim these out with - or excuse me.

Yet - one inch by six inch pieces of rough, cut scenery, I made legs going vertically up the left side and the right side, sort of case that frame.

It put the ledger stone around the veneer of the harp as well as going all the way from the heart up to the ceiling in between the single legs and then I built a custom rough cuts, either mantle it's about six inches thick about eight inches deep.

And it ended up being almost 7 feet across, which is the prison special size mantle.

And then I just got the box I attached it to the wall, just not 2x4 to your studs on the wall and your box, the cavity that's going to be in your box, because you won't put the backside on this box when you build it that just sits right over the top of 2x4.

And then you just nail it or screw it in place to attach to the 2x4, thereby transferring the load to the wall where it's screwed into the studs that makes sense to attach the ledger panels to the old brick as well as the sheetrock where it converts from Britain sheetrock above it.

I just use construction adhesive.

You can find these are tubes a lot like you can find call these tubes.

They fit into a standard size caulk gun.

And there are literally dozens of different brands and types of this construction, heated outdoor, indoor marine purposes and honoring surfaces high temp fax.

Setup fastest initial attack lock I, print says that it attaches and grass a lot quicker than any of the companies like liquid nails or somebody like that.

But in the Cure times are different, the dropouts are different.

The amount of time that you can actually move the piece around after you've attached to the wall is different different colors.

You know, white phase gray clear, you can find all kinds of different colors, depending on the application, be careful, which one you fit, because you might get into some trouble here.

And there, if you pick the wrong one, they even make this stuff to be able to attach an elastic lass mirrors to glass ears to stone there's, all sorts of those.

You can find because I get Lowe's Home Depot as hardware.

You can implement some paint store some paint store.

And so, but anyway, this was a really great transition I did it? You know inside of two days, it was really about day at a quarter to a dad happen to most customers were really happy with it.

They were thrilled I.

Think it turned out excellent, the cats that I used for the hearth to go on top what a cultured stone, you know, get those from a local supplier.

If they are anywhere from one and seven-eighths to about two and 1/8 inch thick.

So they do have a slight variance in them, just depending on how full they make the molds.

Because these are all man-made poured by hand.

They have lightweight aggregates in them to add strength and rigidity.

And then it's just basically typist Portland cement with, you know, Co dust added to it to give it a brown or red or a white or a green or a gray or whatever cuz you might be going for these were actually called a dark brown, even though they're more of a medium brown again, I attach those using quite a liberal amount of construction that he's on top isn't.

That is a high-traffic area people like to sit on their heart.

But these are just some of the things that we've been doing here at our house makers and handyman services, we've been doing the channel now for over two years, and our house makeovers have been going strong we're getting a lot of a lot of good feedback, a lot of local jobs, a lot of variation and the type of jobs that we do and fireplace Eden is kind of going out so coming up here soon I shouldn't be getting into some of the outdoor stuff that spring is upon us.

I should be doing some fire pits some patios and things with pavers planter boxes.

You know, maybe some some retaining walls, maybe some columns, you know, things like that, outdoor grills, so stay tuned.

How keeps support coming and until next time thanks for watching thanks for subscribing don't, forget to like this video, click, thumbs up down below don't, forget to share it on social media and find us on social media to follow us.

Send us some questions and some comments we love hearing from you.



You next time.


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