MY FERTILITY DIAGNOSIS / Diminished Ovarian Reserve + Early Menopause? / Caitlyn Neier (2023)


Sharing our latest diagnosis that we received in regards to our fertility and talking about the next steps. I also do a fridge clean out and share a typical day in the life!

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I would be waiting for you if you had to leave is, maybe we should hurry up and seal the deal.

Oh, I just wanna hold you for forever.

Everyday you're, making me better.

And I wanna take you there.

I got these little pill containers off of amazon for ty.

And I.

So our fertility doctor has this on a ton of supplements, and I needed something to organize everything.

So this is ty's.

And this one's mine like a large pill container box.

Hello, you guys it's been a while we have been out sick sickness has taken over our house.

Oh, we are a whole mood today.

Oh, wow.

Tell me everything you got you got your mirror.

Okay, okay.

You'd be looking stylish girl you can climb up in there.

Can you get buckled up yourself? Or do you need me to help you? Okay, look how beautiful her hair is today? Good morning you guys, I am so sorry, there have been no videos.

Our family has been so sick.

And we've just been out.

It was rough.

She didn't really get sick, but ty, and I got pretty sick.

And yeah, we've just kind of been shut off from the world.

Since we've not been feeling very good, but finally feeling much better today.

This is the first day that I'm leaving my house in such a long time.

I put on makeup today.

And I just I need to get back in the routine, I'm, craving, routine I'm.

So sick of just like laying around watching tv.

And, um, yeah, I'm just ready for life to go back to normal get over being sick.

So anyway, scarlet, and I are going to starbucks right now.

I just need to go do something we've been m.I.a because mainly we've been sick.

We've also gotten some really, um.

I've kind of talked to you guys about this, but we've gotten some not so good news to our fertility.

I guess it's not bad news in the sense that we have a diagnosis like a legit diagnosis, but um, it's, just something that is gonna make things a little bit more difficult and I'm gonna talk about our diagnosis.

Yeah, hold on one.

Second I'm gonna talk about our diagnosis today here in a second, um, when I have some time to sit down and really talk with you guys.

So anyways, we've been processing that news as well.

It all just kind of came at the same time.

I feel like when it rains, it pours everything kind of just hits you at once and that definitely did so um, I'll give you guys.

An update later, I got a brown sugar shaken espresso venti.

And then I also got a venti medicine ball.

These are my favorite thing when I'm not feeling 100, they just instantly make me feel better.

Okay, I'm sitting in my driveway.

Scarlett just went inside I'm going to talk to you guys out here, because I just don't really want her hearing like what I'm talking about.

I don't think she'd really understand any of it.

But I just, you know, this is going to be a ttc update.

And this is probably the largest update we've had of our entire journey.

But if you're not interested in hearing, um about this just fast forward.

Anyways, if you guys watch my vlogs, you know that I worked with modern fertility, um, a couple of I don't know weeks ago months ago, I don't remember, anyways, they are an at-home blood test and you prick your finger at home and send it like set it in.

And then they give you results.

Anyways, I did mine and mine came back, um, pretty normal, except my amh was very low.

And so I immediately just thought, well, maybe it's because it's an at-home test, maybe it just doesn't work.

Um, I don't know, I started have doubts about the company if you don't know what amh is it's, your anti-malarian hormone level and basically it, um, it accounts for how many eggs you have left.

So for a 29 year, old woman, I think I should have at least 1.5 like my number should be 1.5 and mine.

According to modern fertility came back at 0.6, 0.6 0.6, which is incredibly low, which is as low as like a 42 plus year, old that's about the average that should be so anyways, I was like kind of freaking out.

But also kind of like this can't be right.

So anyways, I talked to my midwife.

She put in an order for me, and I went and had like my thyroid tested.

And then I also had my image tested and then something else I don't, remember, anyways that comes back.

And my amh is indeed incredibly low.

It came back at .63.64, um, which again is not where it should be for somebody my age.

Basically, what that means is that I can still get pregnant.

I still have eggs and everything.

But I have the amount of eggs left in my body as a 42 year, old, plus woman.

And it makes it much more difficult to get pregnant.

My midwife told us that she didn't recommend us doing any more iuis and to go straight to ivf and that's kind of where we're at.

So we met with our new fertility doctor last week.

Thank goodness.

It was telemed because we were no place to be in a doctor's office.

But um, we met with him.

We had about an hour-long meeting.

And he diagnosed me with diminished ovarian reserve, which is due to my amh being very low also due to me having shorter periods.

So my cycles are shorter than normal they're, usually like 26 26 days, sometimes 27 days to naturally conceive we have like a one to two percent chance.

We were told that we don't need to waste any more time with iuis because they're not going to be successful for us.

Um based off of, you know, my amh levels and a few other things with tai.

And he said that if we want to have another child ivf is our only option.

So unless a miracle happens, which I know miracles happen all the time.

But so yes, we are no longer unexplained in fertility.

We have a diagnosis, which that in itself is good news.

Um, the fact that I am more than likely approaching early menopause is freaking scary, um, you know, I'm grateful that we don't want a large family I'm grateful.

We only want two children because if we wanted a larger family, this would not be good news.

But yeah, that's what's going on right now.

Um, we'll, start ivf prep and um, just doing all of the pre-work.

I guess you have to do before ivf next cycle.

I have an ultrasound scheduled at the end of this month and we'll start doing all the genetic testing and all of that.

So we are proceeding with ivf.

The one thing that's, not sitting easy with me is, um.

Well, first of all he told me that I'm probably going to be approaching menopause within the next three years, which is crazy.

This is not run in my family, most of the time that's genetic.

And this is not genetic.

My mom hasn't, even hit menopause yet women who go into early menopause.

They have a higher risk for carrying some genetic mutations, I'm, not sure if I'm saying that right, but like fragile, x.

So, um, he did say that I need to get tested for that.

And if we are positive for that I'm, not quite sure what we'll do I'm, not quite sure if we'll have another baby or not, but there's, just a lot of things that are like, um, I don't know, we're trying to take it day by day, there's, really nothing else.

You can do except take things day by day start ruling things out.

But yeah, we start everything next cycle.

Um I'm in the middle of a cycle right now that we just kind of are like whatever with this this month.

Um, I did take my femora this month, but we're, not doing iui or anything.

So, but I just want to say, I just want to say you guys have been following along with our trying to conceive journey.

I told you all at six months, six months of us, trying to conceive that.

I felt like something was wrong.

I felt like something was off with myself personally.

I was going through a lot of hormonal issues, including really bad acne, which has thankfully cleared up.

But I had very very bad acne, which is very unlike me, um, I was sweating more than usual.

Obviously trying to get pregnant and not being unsuccessful lots and lots of things that just told me something was wrong with my body, something was wrong.

And I advocated for myself, I went and found a doctor who would listen to me, an ob.

Anybody who would listen to me and start helping me rule things out? And I am just grateful to have this diagnosis 13 months or 13 cycles into our journey.

Because if I hadn't been so persistent with, um with our our fertility, I would have just been wasting time because with having such a low amh, you are on a time, a time crunch, because you don't have a lot of time left every month.

Your eggs are diminishing a little bit more.

And if I hadn't been so persistent, we could have been in a much, um worse place.

If I got this diagnosis a year from now, who knows what my amh levels would be at who knows, um, if you know, I would have already started menopause.

I don't know, um, but I'm just saying, if you feel like something is wrong with your body, or if regardless if it's fertility or not advocate for yourself, because you are your own advocate.

And you have to you have to advocate for yourself because nobody knows you like, you know, you nobody knows your body like, you know, your body.

So anyways, that's, um, everything that's what's, going on I'm, feeling, nervous, um excited, optimistic, um, scared that we're going down yet.

Another new long journey.

But I just keep thinking of how worth it's gonna be someday.

When we when we have, um, another baby of our own.

And we are going to treasure that.

Pregnancy, if we're going to appreciate that baby, we are going to be so soding grateful, um to complete our family.


So, anyways, if you've been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve 2, I would love to chat if you feel comfortable sharing your story.

Um, I have a couple friends who've been through ivf who have a low amh count.

One friend who has a very very low amh count and they're.

My biggest inspirations.

And they've been such a help to me so I'm definitely trusting the process.

And I've seen it work there's proof that, um, this can all turn out to be so beautiful.

So I'm, just trying to think of the positives.

Anyways, scarlett just came outside.

I think it's time for me to go inside and quit talking what honey.


So working on some lollico stuff, um it's labor day today by the way so happy labor day what's wrong, my belly, oh, what I'm so hurry, I'm, sorry, your belly.



Go drink.

Some water.

Look at that face.

I think it's because the milk, oh, do you have too much milk.

You know what I've enjoyed you being home with me? I don't want you to go back to school.

I want you to stay home with me forever.

Um, anyways, we have a sale going on today.

While we go so been working on some graphics and stuff.

Hi, andy, oh, my gosh.

These these kids, um, I've been working on some stuff for a lolli coast.

So just finished that.

Anyways, I want to let you guys know that, um, we had a labor day sale.

Yesterday, um, this is being filmed on monday on labor day.

So when you guys see this video it'll be technically yesterday.

So if you've been wanting to get your hands on some lollico, our new business, our kids shampoo body, wash and conditioner, you can get it on sale right now with the code labor day, 15, that'll, save you 15 off.

But this is our new business that we recently launched and it's, um, non-toxic kids products.

One thing I want to get done today is I want to clean out my fridge, it's disgusting.

So we're gonna do that together today you guys, um.

And then I was just talking with some vendors that I had set up for, um, the baby shower that I was throwing, um that got cancelled or not canceled rescheduled.

I had a baby shower planned for my friend bailey and my friend genevieve this past weekend.

But obviously I was sick.

So we had to reschedule it, um for a couple weekends.

So I had to do a few things to get, um like our vendors that we have set up for it rescheduled.

So hopefully nobody has a baby before the shower now.

But we got that rescheduled bean, sick sucks by the way we also missed my friend bailey's daughter's birthday party this weekend I'm, glad I'm glad I got sick when I did because we're traveling this next weekend, um, I leave for kansas on friday today is monday so super excited to see my family.

And then I fly out from kansas to new york for a work trip.

A management team is putting on this big party in new york.

It should be a lot.

A lot of fun I'm really looking forward to it I'm gonna get to meet a lot of youtubers.

Yeah, I'm just I'm really excited.

It's gonna be nice to actually like meet people we're staying right in times square, which I've never been so it's gonna be a really fun experience ty's coming with me, too we're, just flying out separately, he's gonna stay back with scarlet for a couple days.

And then he's gonna fly out, um the day that I fly out to new york so we'll, meet each other in new york, but it should be a lot of fun.

And honestly, like a getaway is gonna be it's well appreciated, especially after the past couple of weeks that we've had.

But on that note, I need to figure out what to get my sister for her bridal shower, which is why I'm going to kansas this weekend.

So I'm going to go sit outside with scarlet, try to find something online that I can ship to my parents house.

But scarlett just asked me to come sit outside with her I'm going to go sit outside, try to do some bridal shower planning and then we're going to clean this bridge together, because you guys it's bad, and I need to go to the grocery store.

And I want to clean it before we bring in new groceries.

What are you taking out there? Oh, you're, bringing a mat.

Okay? Are we gonna color outside all right? Scarlett has been home with us since we've been sick.

We haven't like we pulled her from school just to be safe, um, but she's, very very much ready to go back to school and I'm, very much, not ready for her to go back to school.

I've enjoyed having her home with me reminds me of the good old days.

Mom be grateful be grateful what be grateful you're right? Honey.

I should be grateful here.

How about you sit in the shade? You want to put it out in the shade over here? Look at indy over there, does that feel good bud in the sun? Does that feel good to do the same thing with this? One? Um, yes.


The correct.

Number one, two, three, four just went to bahama box.

I got ty, the largest largest bahama bucks ever it's called the everest and there's a flag.

There is scarla got one.

What kind did you get? I got strawberry and cream.

Why don't you put it in your cup? Holder? Right there? I have not cleaned out the fridge yet.

But it is on my to-do list today ty asked if we want to go to bahama bucks.

So here we are.

I didn't get anything though because I'm just not feeling it great.

We are home and I'm.

Finally gonna clean out the fridge I'm gonna give you guys a little before because it is rough.

We have, um like no food.

Since we've been sick.

I need to place a grocery order or something, but it is just a mess.

So you can see things have spilled, um, I need to go through some food.

So yeah, we're gonna get look at that.

This is driving me.

Crazy, we're gonna get all this cleaned.

I just wanna love you till the day I died.

We are all clean and ready to do some major grocery shopping this week.

So glad this project was done, it actually took a little longer than I thought, but here's a nice little after everything is much cleaner.

So sunday project, complete wait, it's.

Monday, monday project.

Okay, it is five o'clock.

We just had dinner and I'm sitting here at my computer.

Now, I'm about ready to go read through all your comments from my last video.

I know, my, um last video, I posted.

And then I left you guys hanging because we got sick, but um, my last video I posted was like the pregnancy tests video and I'm fine now like I'm past that that was a rough video to post, but, um, hi baby.

But I have not even read through comments yet I needed some time to, um be able to give like I don't know how to explain it sometimes reading through comments on a video like that is really hard to do.

And so I have to be in the right head space and I'm died right now.

So I'm gonna go, um read through all the comments.

You guys are amazing and so um, supportive.

And you are amazing sweet.

Girl, you're, very amazing I'll, play take town, tic tac toe in just a second.

Okay, um.

So that's, what I'm going to do and I'm going to call it a night? I hope you guys are doing well.

I hope everybody had a fabulous labor day.


I hope your weekend was more eventful than ours was it's like all day.

But then we celebrate my mom because day means we celebrate labor, hey, that works celebration labor day labor day, labor labor, aah.


Can low ovarian reserve cause early menopause? ›

Primary ovarian insufficiency is sometimes confused with premature menopause, but these conditions aren't the same. Women with primary ovarian insufficiency can have irregular or occasional periods for years and might even get pregnant.

What is the success rate of IVF with diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Results. The clinical pregnancy rate was 11.5% per cycle, and the total cancellation rate was 34.4%. Clinical pregnancy rate was significantly associated with the antral follicle count and the cause of the DOR.

Which IVF protocol is best for low ovarian reserve? ›

For women with very low ovarian reserve who still want to try using their own eggs, the Mini IVF protocol might be a better choice.

Can IVF work with low ovarian reserve? ›

IVF. Also available to some patients with a diminished ovarian reserve is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This treatment seeks to stimulate multiple eggs per cycle, hopefully improving the chance of finding a “good” egg.

Can you have a baby with diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Yes, you can still get pregnant with diminished ovarian reserve. Your odds of conceiving may be smaller when your ovarian reserve is low, but you only need one egg to get pregnant. Egg count isn't the only factor in getting pregnant.

Why is it hard to get pregnant with diminished ovarian reserve? ›

People with diminished ovarian reserve may find it more difficult to get pregnant because they have fewer and lower-quality eggs. However, a successful pregnancy only requires one viable egg, so it is not impossible. Age and the number and quality of eggs are not the only factors influencing female fertility.

How common is diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) affects 10 % of women seeking fertility treatment. Although it is much more prevalent than premature ovarian failure, less is known about its etiology. The purpose of this article is to review the possible genetic causes of, and associations with, pathologic DOR.

Does diminished ovarian reserve mean poor egg quality? ›

Poor ovarian reserve (POR) is an important limiting factor for the success of any treatment modality for infertility. It indicates a reduction in quantity and quality of oocytes in women of reproductive age group.

Does low ovarian reserve mean bad eggs? ›

A diminished ovarian reserve means that you have fewer eggs or eggs of lesser quality than what is normally expected for your age. For example, with a diminished ovarian reserve, you may be 30 years old, but the quality and quantity of your eggs may be more typical of someone who is 45.

Is it worth doing IVF with low AMH? ›

Women with very low AMH levels (< 0.5 ng/mL) undergoing IVF still have a chance of achieving a pregnancy, but their prognosis is significantly affected by chronological age.

How many eggs is considered low ovarian reserve? ›

A normal amount is 12 per ovary; 1-10 is considered low. We also conduct a blood test to check your anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) level. AMH is produced by the future generations of follicles, not those in your current cycle, so it's a good indicator of your ovarian reserve.

Is IUI or IVF better for low ovarian reserve? ›

Women with diminished ovarian reserve have also been shown to do poorly with IUI but have improved success rates with IVF. However, when it comes to diminished ovarian reserve, how a woman is classified as having poor ovarian reserve may make a difference in whether IUI is beneficial.

How do you fix diminished ovarian reserve? ›

One of the most common treatments for diminished ovarian reserve is supplements like dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a mild androgen. DHEA is produced naturally in the body, but levels of DHEA decrease with age. DHEA supplements can increase fertility.

Does low AMH mean early menopause? ›

Studies assessing AMH with the onset of menopause (27 publications [n = 23 835 women]) generally indicated that lower age-specific AMH concentrations are associated with an earlier age at menopause.

What AMH level is too low for IVF? ›

Women with serum AMH below the 10th percentile of the general population have been reported to have an overall low global chance of achieving a viable pregnancy [9], and some authors suggested 0.15–0.2 ng/ml as the AMH cutoff value below which a clinical pregnancy may rarely be obtained after in vitro fertilization ( ...

How to get pregnant naturally with diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Even with diminished ovarian reserve, a woman can still conceive, especially through fertility treatments. These include ovarian stimulation, egg freezing (before egg quantity continues to decrease) and donor eggs. No tests are available to predict egg quality.

What genetic abnormalities cause diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Recent studies show that BRCA mutations cause a decline of the ovarian reserve and premature ovarian aging, accumulation of mutations in the DNA of female germ cells and primary follicle atresia.

What diseases cause diminished ovarian reserve? ›

For women younger than 40 years old, the condition of diminished ovarian reserve or POI is not part of normal aging and can be caused by diseases, such as genetic or chromosomal disorders, endometriosis, ovarian surgeries, immunological disorders, or lifestyle factors like smoking.

Is mini IVF better for diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Studies have shown that Mini IVF and Conventional IVF have the same great success rates for women with a low ovarian reserve or patients over 39. Both protocols when applied to the right patients have proven to produce successful pregnancies.

How likely is miscarriage with diminished ovarian reserve? ›

Levi et al. reported in women with diminished ovarian reserve above age 40 an approximately 90% miscarriage rate [13].

How quickly does ovarian reserve diminish? ›

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, which is called their ovarian reserve. With age, the number of those eggs diminishes naturally, from 1-2 million at birth to about 25,000 at around the age of 37.

Can you improve ovarian reserve? ›

There are currently no treatments to prevent diminished ovarian reserve, but it is becoming easier to identify. There are also more options once diminished ovarian reserve is identified. These can include treatments for reducing the time to conception, or freezing eggs or embryos.

What is the best treatment for low AMH? ›

Treatment with low AMH level
  • Yoga and Regular Exercise.
  • Balanced Diet.
  • Acupuncture.
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) supplements. DHEA is mainly a hormone that has the ability to improve the quality and quantity of eggs.

Has anyone conceived with low AMH? ›

Can you still get pregnant with low AMH? While low AMH does impact your overall reproductive window, you can absolutely still get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy if your egg supply is in the lower range for your age group. After all, you only need one healthy egg and one healthy sperm to conceive.

How much vitamin D to increase AMH? ›

A significant correlation was found, and higher 25(OH)D levels were accompanied by higher AMH levels. The study was nonrandomized and performed in 30 infertile women who had low serum levels of both 25(OH)D and the AMH. Vitamin D was prescribed 50,000 IU weekly for up to 3 months.

Can you have a baby with low AMH? ›

Low AMH Levels for Fertility

It is completely possible to get pregnant with your own eggs or donor eggs with low AMH. After all, it just takes one healthy egg. Your AMH level won't tell the whole of your fertility story — there are other ways to boost your fertility.

What are the chances of low ovarian reserve? ›

Diminishing ovarian reserve (sometimes called diminished ovarian reserve or DOR), happens when one of your ovaries produces fewer eggs and eggs that are harder to fertilize. This affects your overall fertility and ability to get pregnant. Between 10% to 30% of people who seek help for infertility have this condition.

Does low ovarian reserve mean perimenopause? ›

Diminished ovarian reserve is normal in women 40-years-old and over because it is a natural byproduct of perimenopause. However, some women's egg stores are diminished by the time they reach their 30s, which dramatically reduces their fertility chances.

How many follicles are in a diminished ovarian reserve? ›

The physician will count the number of follicles on each ovary. If fewer than 10 follicles are seen (on both ovaries combined), a woman is deemed to have diminished ovarian reserve.

How many eggs can you have with low AMH IVF? ›

The patients with AMH between 1 and 3 ng/ml are normal responders obtaining 10-15 eggs during the ovarian stimulation. The ones with AMH below 1 ng/ml are poor responders (with less than 3 eggs per stimulation) and those with AMH over 3 ng/ml are characterised by a high response to the treatment (even over 15 eggs).

Can IVF be successful with very low AMH? ›

Getting pregnant with low AMH is possible and this is why IVF for women with low AMH levels is recommended. Women under the age 35, the percentage who were able to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels ranged from 28 to 41%, as a study indicates. Natural pregnancy is possible with low AMH levels.

At what age is IVF successful? ›

Maternal Age Directly Impacts the Success of IVF

It's widely known that a woman is most fertile in her 20's. Studies show that women in their 20s and 30s have the most success when getting pregnant through IVF and other reproductive technologies.

Does early menopause mean no eggs? ›

Women experiencing early or premature menopause do not ovulate (release an egg) every month. This makes it difficult to get pregnant. If you want to have children, you might choose to use IVF and donated eggs from another woman, or using your own eggs if you had some stored.

What is a normal AMH level for a 45 year old? ›

30 years old: 2.5 ng/mL. 35 years old: 1.5 ng/ mL. 40 years old: 1 ng/mL. 45 years old: 0.5 ng/mL.

What is a normal AMH level for age 35? ›

Average AMH levels by age:
AgeMedian AMH levels
2 more rows
May 21, 2019

What is a good AMH for age 39? ›

The median AMH values were 4.23 ng/mL in 20–25 years' age group, 3.48 ng/mL in women aged 26–30 years, 2.43 ng/mL in women aged 31–35 years, 1.28 ng/mL in women aged 36–40 years and0. 52 ng/mL in 40–44 years' age group.

Do you still ovulate with low AMH? ›

I HAVE LOW AMH. DOES IT MEAN I AM INFERTILE? No. As long as you have regular periods and you will ovulate one egg per month.

What is the minimum AMH level to get pregnant? ›

What is a good AMH level to get pregnant? If you're having AMH levels between 1.0-4.0 ng/ml, it is considered as a good or normal AMH level to get pregnant. AMH levels below 1.0ng/ml result in low egg count and are an indication of diminishing ovarian reserve.

Can low AMH cause early menopause? ›

It is considered that the level of AMH is very low, or even below detectable limits approximately 5 years before menopause [5]. According to some research [9] the time of menopause may be predicted via a mathematical model on the basis of a single AMH measurement and the age of the patient.

Does low AMH always mean early menopause? ›

Low levels of AMH may signify the starting of menopause. Also, women after menopause and young females commonly have low levels of AMH. If a woman has low AMH levels then it may indicate fewer chances of conceiving. It is always better to have the ideal levels of AMH for higher chances of getting pregnant.

Is ovarian reserve linked to menopause? ›

Our current understanding of human ovarian reserve presumes that the ovary establishes several million non growing follicles (NGFs) at around five months of gestational age which is followed by a decline to the menopause when approximately 1,000 remain at an average age of 50–51 years [1], [2].

Does dor cause early menopause? ›

DOR can be seen as early as age 30 (earlier, in some rare cases). In general, a woman in her mid-40s will almost definitely see reduced fertility. Earlier than age 40, diminished ovarian reserve causes can include: premature ovarian failure (early menopause, affecting around one per cent)

At what AMH level does menopause start? ›

AMH strongly predicted time to menopause; age further improved predictions. Among women with a baseline AMH level below 0.20 ng/ml, the median time to menopause was 5.99 yr [95% confidence interval (CI), 4.20–6.33] in the 45- to 48-yr age group and 9.94 yr (95% CI, 3.31–12.73) in the 35- to 39-yr age group.

How long does it take to go into menopause with low AMH? ›

This tells us that AMH has some association with predicting live birth after IVF treatment, but it's ability to accurately predict live birth is somewhat poor. AMH can also tell us when to expect menopause. Research shows that AMH is very low or undetectable approximately five years before menopause.

Do I need IVF with low AMH? ›

Q: Can I conceive with low AMH? A: Yes, it is possible to conceive with low AMH levels, but it may be more challenging. Women with low AMH levels may require fertility treatments such as IVF, donor eggs, or ovarian stimulation to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Can AMH 0.2 get you pregnant? ›

No. The AMH test does not provide any information about a woman's chance to conceive at the moment. This will depend on many other factors, including the quality of the partner's sperm, the condition of the fallopian tubes, and if ovulation is occurring. The AMH level alone cannot predict anybody's fertility.

What are the predictors of early menopause? ›

A family history of premature or early menopause, being one of a multiple pregnancy, and some specific genetic variants are strong genetic predictors of premature and early menopause. Early menarche, nulliparity, cigarette smoking, and being underweight are strong reproductive and lifestyle predictors.

Why am I going through menopause so early? ›

Most causes of early menopause are beyond your control. Smoking cigarettes is the only lifestyle factor that may cause early menopause. You can reduce your risk of menopause by quitting smoking. The other causes of menopause like health conditions, surgeries or treatment for cancer are unpreventable in most cases.

What causes very early menopause? ›

Causes of early menopause

chromosome abnormalities – such as in women with Turner syndrome. an autoimmune disease – where the immune system starts attacking body tissues. certain infections, such as tuberculosis, malaria and mumps – but this is very rare.

What genetic disorder causes early menopause? ›

As a form of primary ovarian insufficiency, FXPOI can cause irregular menstrual cycles, early menopause, an inability to have children (infertility), and elevated levels of a hormone known as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

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